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Bit of FLT info

Not sure if this was widely known and i've missed it, but it does explain a few things. I'd love to know how often that discretion has been used...


  • Yes Grimsby had 248 against Sunderland including 7 away fans.

  • A target to aim for when we play West Ham B.

  • The West Ham game was quite entertaining last year. This year, i can only imagine the absolute die hards, the types who retweet every single WWFC_Official comment all day will go.

  • Nice to know the NewGen definition of a 'die hard fan'. Quite disappointed to realise I don't fit the criteria.

    Not sure from those cup rules how a fund is generated to give out. I wouldn't think any game runs at a profit in the group stages.

  • The types who it matters every so slightly more than it should do.

    The way we treated this cup last year reminded me of our first run in that first league season. It felt fresh and we wanted it.
    Now it seems like almost every other LDV/JPT/Autoglass trophy season

  • I wonder how we'd treat the London Fives tournament if they brought that back for next season.

  • Hakan Hayrettin would be up for it

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