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Non-League Day

Some great crowds (over 7,000 at Tranmere) on Saturday for Non-League Day. Did anybody on here go to a Non-League game? Would be interested to hear your experiences.


  • I went to see Maidenhead vs Aldershot.
    Entertaining game finished 3-3.
    Cracking atmosphere - over 2400 attendance.

  • Saw Kidlington beat Winchester City 3-1 in the FA Trophy to earn a home tie against our old chums Slough. Sadly that game clashes with our match against Cheltenham. Pretty bland goalless first half sparked into life by a great second half display from the home side, including an excellent opening goal on the volley. Attendance - 78.

  • I was quite impressed at the success of "non-League day" if it helped Tranmere get 7000 for a league game.

    But a little more research shows that it was for a local derby against Chester that attracted the same crowd two years ago and more last year. They also got roughly the same crowd for their last home Saturday fixture against local rivals Wrexham. Doesn't appear non-league day made a material difference.

    I checked a couple of other Conference teams and the only attendance that appeared out of the ordinary was maidenheads. Did they run some kind of promotion? Do Aldershot bring large numbers to local games?

  • Go on then I'll bite as it's a slow Monday...Dagenham had at least 1000 more than their usual 1500.

    Obviously 'a couple' is a poor sample size. Obviously most football fans didn't have to do any research to know Tranmere played Chester

  • Dagenham's home attendance this weekend was - nil. They were playing away.

    Woking who played Dagenham got a crowd of 2509 compared to their last home Saturday match of 2479.

    I am impressed though that you have learned tranmere's fixtures.......

  • Went to Solihull Moors v Hartlepool United where the attendance was 2,658, a record for Moors. A game of little quality which Hartlepool won in the last minute to deny struggling Moors what would have been a deserved point (though only because neither side did enough to win).

    Moors started out the season with several of last year's Stourbridge team but they've seemingly not hung around for long for one reason or another. They've also just appointed Richard Money as manager though, on Saturday's performance, they'll need a minor miracle, plus six or seven new players, to stay in the division. The ground is also a bit of an oddity - there can't be many sides who play in a converted golf driving range.

  • Oh dear more research needed. I knew it was a bad idea

  • I'm not sure Non League Day is really aimed at the ex League sides in the higher non leagues but I'm sure they'll all take any focus shined on them.
    Not sure why anyone would take time out to slag off a well intentioned and generally successful day. I'm sure Donald Trump will join @DevC once he's left alone with his Twitter feed.

  • You did however prompt me to do some more research, LX. (I am a sucker for statistics)

    In truth it is a mixed picture. 6 of the twelve conference games produced roughly the same attendance as the previous home Saturday game. One (Wrexham) was way down.

    Gateshead were up 40% and Macc 20%.

    And then you get the real big numbers - Barrow up 60% (but maybe influeneced by relatively glamour opposition) . Maindenhead roughly doubled their previous attendance but as Ned says the real big number came at Solihull up 400%. Ned are you aware of any reason for this bumper attendance?

  • edited October 2017

    The major contributing factor was that they invited a number of their underage teams to parade on the pitch at half-time. A very rough estimate of around 400 children plus parents probably accounted for 1,000 of the increase. I doubt they charged any of them to come in though. There were 300 from Hartlepool and a decent number of Birmingham-based supporters looking for a change from the tedium of watching Villa or Blues.

    Typically, the performance on the pitch did little to encourage anyone back, except possibly the Pools fans.

  • Of course Cambridge though not non-league conducted their own promotion.

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