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Joy of a football supporter

400 mile round trip on a Tuesday night
motorway closure
team arrives late
delayed kickoff
4-0 down at half time against bottom club
arrive home after 2am.

72 fans enjoyed the experience. rather impressive really. I salute them all (and question their sanity more than a little bit)


  • Well done detective parrott. Not just a pretty face............

    Not the hardest quiz to be fair.

  • I'm clearly not as obsessed with football in general as I thought I was.
    Hadn't a clue what the point of Dev's post was and had no idea that there was a full programme of matches outside the EFL.
    Now see that Luton could only draw with Barnet and that my home team lost at home to old Kent rivals Bromley. Bad night for Maids.

  • The National League table is incredibly tight - after 14 games only 5 points separate Macclesfield in 1st and Maidenhead in 13th. Makes League 2 look stretched.

  • Only 2 teams have a goal difference of more than 5 too, after 14 games.

  • Mention of Macclesfield reminds me that one of the FA Cup ties of the round is their trip to our friends from Stourbridge.

  • Didn't read it just assumed it was about Torquay

  • Not a bad assumption bearing in mind their list of travels isn't now limited to the south, and they've recently had long haul games at Chester and Halifax.

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