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Another signing incoming.....Yves Ma-Kalambay (GK)

edited October 2017 in Football

Announced on Twitter at 3



  • Where's Richie?

  • Well thats out the blue. There are quite a few out there. Centre half? Keeper?

  • Must be a CB surely?

  • GK Yves Ma-Kalambay

  • Sensible. I held my breath a little when Scott Brown went down on Saturday and Baz had to start warming up

  • I heard that rumour on Saturday. A Blackman replica apparently?

  • Interesting history according to Wiki of which at least his time with the mighty Muswell Hill Football Academy is surely self-penned.

    Goalkeepers can have odd careers. if WIKI is correct, apart from a productive spell of 57 games between 2007 and 2010, just seven games in a career dating back to 2006. At least he should know where the bench is.....

    Unless he plays a few games for us, he will make a hard to get answer in the annual close season "name the WWFC owned players who have been full internationals" quiz.

  • Makes sense. I remember the name from my ChampMan days, but didn't realize he'd had such an interesting career.

  • Was occasionally known as Ma-Calamity during his time at Hibs but, as a back-up, should be a safer bet than Richardson.

  • Decent signing and will give Brown some competition at least. I imagine it also helps having someone to train with.

    Did Richie miss this one?

  • Presumably he was Mr A Trialist in the "behind closed doors" game with M*D**s.

  • According to Twitter he was @Wig_and_Pen

  • image

    Big fella.

  • Seems very harsh on Bazza Richarson, over 10 years without conceding a league goal, but still he's put out to graze.
    I suppose that's the current cut throat buisiness that modern football has become.

  • A part of me will miss having Baz on the bench. It kind of endorsed our "plucky underdogs" tag. Similarly, given the state of the game at the time, I was hoping Baz got on on Saturday.

  • He was too busy hounding the 4th official. Boy did he give him some grief.

  • Waistcoat and white tie?

    Oh dear

  • If is anything to go by, he shouldn't need much time to get up and running.

  • Could be ideal solution for both us and the player. He carries on his main job as a personal trainer and just turns up for matches to sit on the bench. Probably only cost us peanuts.

  • Wonder if he was the guy with the funky Mercedes in the car park last season?

  • I guess technically we have DR Congo to thank for Yves' appearance

  • The funky Merc was in the car park last season too.

  • Hes a personal trainer at Virgin Active Swiss Cottage. Has a website as mentioned above.

    His About Me page starts with this sentence.

    "I am a former professional footballer".

    Surely we could get in a loan keeper if Scotty got crocked. I just dont see any benefit of having him or any other keeper on the bench, bar Baz.

    Welcome to the club Yves.

  • Very obviously because you can't sign a 'keeper mid game and BR has clearly decided he's not up to par even as a back-up.

  • And presumably his last game was long enough ago that, using the same loophole as with Baz, we can still bring in a loan keeper if Brown is injured.

  • If we lost Scotty mid game then we have 16 or 17 players to choose from who could go in goal for the remainder of the game.

    We then get a keeper in for the next game.

    If they want a keeper to cover Scotty and play in some of the cup games then surely we could get a youngster in on loan for free from a higher League Club. Yves will be costing us money.

    Just does not make sense to me at all.

  • Have to say I was surprised here too.

    Cant believe we would be paying much money and frankly don't quite see what would motivate anyone to travel long distances every fortnight with no hope of getting a game.

    Think I would be in the muddle through if there is an injury mid game and get a loanee in thereafter camp.

    Surely Chris this wouldn't be an option if we have a fit 31 year old specialist GK available?

  • It's a good idea this, we should get the fans involved.

    Half time raffle could be a place on the bench at the next home game.

  • edited October 2017

    How do you delete a post! If anyone read this pre-editing, ignore it, all based on a false premise.

  • Could he have also been brought in to help with the fitness training at the club?

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