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Sandford Park Alehouse, Cheltenham

Just seen the exchange between @EwanHoosaami and @tewkesburychairboy re places to eat and drink in Cheltenham. The Sandford Park Alehouse (voted No 1 by CAMRA last year) has excellent reviews and, if my health was more reliable, I'd be jumping at the opportunity to accept the lift he is offering to fellow fans. I believe "Ewan" is picking up @bill_stickers en route.
I think I can allay any fears people may have about the weather on Friday as it seems fairly certain that milder weather will have set in by tomorrow night and with sufficient cloud and wind to prevent fog.
Frost and a cold NNW breeze will make it a real thermal undies day at Adams Park on Monday. Undersoil heating may be needed. We're very lucky to have it.


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