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  • Always said Steve Hayes takes an awful picture but the one at the top of this article should carry a health warning.

  • He always looks pissed in photos, ironic really!

  • I wonder whom approached the Telegraph with this article, a long time after the news that the investigations had been dropped broke.
    Is Mr Hayes about to re-emerge in the business or sporting world ??

  • @robin how so? Because erm...he isn't actually pissed?

  • Come on @Malone . A story about someone hiring a PI to track a player with a rumoured drink problem.

    Wonder if we signed the player by the way?

  • I have more sympathy for others.

  • So he needed to hire a PI with an interesting background to investigate what an employee was doing with a laptop?!! Jeez - who'd ever want to work for a boss like that!!! N.Korea has nothing on this. :) Wonder who the employee was and whether they were for/against some of the votes going on at the time?

  • 43 months on bail for doing nothing? If he'd been Irish in the 1970's he could have ended up getting banged up for 15 years for doing nothing wrong.

  • Hayes' paranoid streak well and truly confirmed here.

    However, the way police can keep people dangling on bail with no time limits is disgraceful. I can't stand the man but no-one deserves that hanging over them for that length of time

  • My view of him has not changed a jot. He has a joy in telling everyone that he started his career as a loan shark causing misery to many. He employs private detectives to spy on staff. He is seen in legal panels as being totally unreliable and just a little bit shady when it comes to transfer dealings and back handers. The company he owned was fined records amounts for their lending practises. Its hardly any wonder that someone of his good character would appear on the police radar sooner or later.
    As for his partner leaving him - was that REALLY due to the police? After 22-years I am pretty sure any partner who had faith in their partner's integrity would not have any problems standing by their man.
    As for this story coming out now with so many column inches its a shame proper miscarriages of justice don't get equally treated.

  • He doesn't mention the character who was the key figure of the 'private detective' company, and where he was residing at the time of the police raid at the Chateau de shark !!
    Perhaps the BBC will want to bring back 'Rough Justice' and feature Mr Hayes terrible plight ?
    And the Bucks Uni to dish him out another docorate for honesty and integrity !!

  • It might not be illegal but what right did he have to pry into players/employees lives

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