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Exeter vs Liverpool

Is my memory failing me even more than usual, or did Arsenal once get fined for fielding a bunch of youth teamers in an FA Cup tie. Liverpool appear to have sent out the local Sunday league side.


  • Getting what they deserve at the moment!

  • Embarassing for the cup and the bbc to be watching liverpool 2nd reserves!

  • Hope villa do the same !

  • I think the widespread goodwill that Klopp has received around the country, will now decrease massively.
    Demeaning the FA Cup like this, needs to be loudly condemned from the very top, right through to grassroots football.

  • BBC commentators have tried hard to talk up the Liverpool King's Head reserves.

  • Good game though.

  • Well done Exeter.

  • Well Klopp's got away with it. In one sense it's an opportunity missed for Exeter, as it was a very winnable match. That said, they will of course be delighted with a replay at Anfield. Crazy team selection from Klopp, surely this is a far more important game than their league game on Tuesday? Even if (and it's a very big if) they do beat Arsenal, they're not going to win the league. The cup is a real chance of glory for Liverpool and their manager very nearly blew it for them!

  • Great outcome for Exeter, although they probably deserved to win.

  • I don't mind Premier teams putting out whoever they have on their books. Exeter team where awesome tonight, deserved to win and wish them all the best. Some of those Liverpool team reserve players where internationals and I bet on £10k plus a week, goes to show what can be done tomorrow if we go for it. COYBs

  • Horrible line up from Klopp, this aint the continent son, cups take more fight here!

    Lucky Exeter with the replay though, top experience, and 400k or so probably.

    The game is about glory, but their accountants would probably favour a defeat after the Anfield replay, rather than having won, and drawn league 1 away!

  • Call me old fashioned, but the beauty of football is severely diluted when both clubs do not give everything to win a cup tie.

  • Sad night for the FA cup.
    A top Premier League side playing a young, below strength and makeshift side. A lower league side more interested in the money from a replay than pushing on to win a very winnable game. A TV company hyping a shock when the only real surprise is Liverpool got away with it.
    Depressing stuff for me really. Thank goodness we only enter this cartoon world occassionally.

  • I think tomorrow will be more like it.
    Ainsworth wouldn't dream of doing anything but attacking this head on.

    I can't actually see a draw, as much as I'd love the idea of clearing tonnes of debt. I think it'll deffo be settled tomorrow.

    No regrets hopefully. The worst case would be a nothing game like Morecambe that slips away

  • @RITM, I didn't see at any point, Exeter playing it into the corners or feigning injury apart from a lack of ball girls/boys.

    Exeter played with high intensity, blood and guts throughout the game. Made substitutions when called for and played it on the deck, to the wings, they crossed it and ofc the good old hoof up top and in my opinion the better team.

    Considering Liverpool have picked up a few causalities due to the gegen pressing game, I'd expect Klopp to make drastic changes. Did Liverpool break any rules no, are those 40+ players eligible to play, Yes. Dilute the competition, Yes within the rules, but we are in the mix and I too would love it, if we get a 1-1 or 2-2 draw so the club can maximise it's income and if we play our usual benches even better, game time for those on the peripherals of the squad.

    If after 90+ minutes at 1-1 and we take it to the corner to run down the clock, so be it and bloody keep it there till the final whistle.

  • that last line proved to be surprisingly insightful!

  • All change for the replay. Go for the jugular. Hopefully 25-30k turn up for a nice pay day. I'm debating going to Villa Park, if it's ok with my diary.

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